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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Great deals are still out there

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Although Black Friday and Cyber Monday are over, great deals are still out there.  Items that didn't sell as well as retailers had hoped will have the same great deals bigger items had.  Whether you're shopping for gifts, groceries or yourself, great deals are all around you.

If you're looking for items that will make your holiday party a hit, make sure you buy at the right time.  Like myself, I assumed that champagne would be more expensive to buy this time of year.  However, that is completely false.  With New Years Eve around the corner, champagne is cheaper to buy in December, when liquor stores are competing against each other for sales.  Not sure what type to buy, check out  store websites, such as Meijer or The Andersons for great tips.

Looking for the perfect meal to serve, you can never go wrong with a Honey Baked Ham.  Coupons and promotions are always offered during the holidays.  Besides, who doesn't love ham?!  I found a coupon for $7 off an 8lb ham or larger.  Check out this link:

I also found a Hallmark coupon for $5 off your total purchase.  Since this coupon doesn't have a spending limit, you can purchase $5 worth of items for FREE!  If you feel guilty for getting free goods (and why would you) just spend a dollar or two more.  This coupon is only valid 12/3-12/5 so use it fast.    
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